Do you want to take your travel, adventure and landscape photography to the next level?


Join me on one of my campervan road trips!

The Iceland Adventure Photography Workshop is an 8 day/7 nights adventure tour in Iceland in May 2022. If you, like me, loves a solid road trip, this workshop will be the right fit for you, as we are going to be based out of campervans the entire trip, with cozy cabins booked for editing sessions along the way. We will be hiking to wild places and visit lots of stunning locations. You will need to be prepared for a variety of weather conditions as Iceland is notorious for the ever-changing conditions. The goals on this epic adventure will be to advance your outdoor photography, to connect with nature and to explore the raw and beautiful Icelandic landscapes. 

Only 1 spot left!

Dates: 16-23 May 2022


Epic cliffs, wild fjords, and puffins galore!

Join me in August 2022 for my adventure photography workshop in one of my absolute favorite places to explore and photograph. The Faroe Islands is still a relatively unfrequented photography location, and in this workshop, I will share with you the best hiking and shooting locations. The landscapes here are utterly unique and offers views that you simply can’t witness anywhere else on earth. It’s an amazing place, one where the views often feel like optical illusions as the landscape takes on incredible forms. In summer, the days are long with all the elements in place for a truly unforgettable experience and some amazing landscape and wildlife photography.

Dates: 9-15 August 2022


The most picturesque mountain scenery in the world?

Join me in the amazing Dolomites mountain range in Northern Italy! It takes place in the region’s most stunning season, the autumn, more precisely in September 2022. Autumn is the optimal time to visit the Dolomites as many of the trees have started to turn a golden yellow, and the shadows are getting longer by the day, as winter approaches. The weather is usually warm and friendly, and there’s often superb light. This region hosts some of the most picturesque mountain scenery you’ll find in the world. The breathtaking peaks of the Dolomites rise vertically from dense forests and are reflected in stunning blue alpine lakes, and it’s no wonder the Dolomites is in the very top of most landscape photographer’s wishlist of places to visit.

Dates: 20-26 September 2022

Photos from the workshops

Faroe Islands
The Dolomites