The Iceland Winter Photography Workshop is a 8 days/7 nights workshop in the fantastic landscapes of Iceland. It takes place in the country’s most stunning season, the winter, more precisely in March 2024. March is the optimal time to photograph Iceland in winter as many of the locations are covered in snow, and the days are getting longer by the day, as spring approaches. And maybe the biggest bonus; the chance to capture northern lights during the long winter nights.
The weather can be quite rough at times, with the odd winter storm hitting, but there’s often superb light and a truly wild and adventurous mood. Another advantage of traveling Iceland in winter, is that the tourist season has long passed, leaving many of the iconic locations much more peaceful and easier to shoot. This intimate road trip along the south coast all the way to the wild East Iceland is limited to just 5 participants, as I want to keep things personal, flexible and adventurous. Every day, we will be exploring wild places and visit many stunning locations, see the list of possible locations further down.

My adventure photography tours usually involves some long days, so expect both early starts, sunset shoots and aurora photography to be part of this workshop. A reasonable level of fitness will be required as access to some of the possible locations will require some hiking, but most locations are easy to reach by car. This should be within the capability of anyone with decent fitness and determination. You will also need to be prepared for a variety of weather conditions as life in the mountains is ever-changing, but in general the weather is usually fantastic and often sunny in this season. I will of course plan our trip to ensure we get some rest during the daytime, but we will prioritize photographic opportunities. I want you to come away with as many bangers as possible!

The south and east regions of Iceland boasts some very diverse beautiful natural attractions like canyons, lava fields, glaciers, mountains, black beaches, cliffs, sea stacks and of course the famous waterfalls, so it’s no wonder that Iceland in winter is at the very top of most landscape photographer’s wishlist of places to visit.

Each day we will be going to various epic locations, and in the process, I will motivate your personal development and inspire and challenge your photographic approach. Together we will explore themes like consistency, preparation, developing positive habits, understanding light, living without fear, choosing the right gear, editing, and other meaningful topics related to photography. Everyone can attend this workshop, and I guarantee that you will benefit highly no matter your entry skill level. You will be developing your camera skills and building a breathtaking portfolio, and I will make sure you leave the workshop ready to set your world on fire!

  • Pricing: €4100

  • Dates: 4-11 March 2024

  • Duration: 7 nights

  • Group size: 5 people

  • Accommodation: Guesthouses and cabins

  • Transportation: Private van

The workshop is structured to maximize your opportunities to get great images whilst improving your skills as a photographer. I will use all my experience and knowledge to get you to some of Iceland’s most epic locations in the best possible light, and I will be on hand to provide as much support, advice and guidance as you want. This workshop being a road trip, obviously, both accommodation and transportation to all shoots is provided, as well as all meals during the trip. This workshop is also a fantastic opportunity to make some unique photographic friendships. 

Leading up to the workshop, I will share my clothing packing lists, break down my go-to camera gear and give you a comprehensive look into the necessities that I bring on all my adventure travels. During the workshop, I will share my experiences and give loads of tips to help you start finding your style in photography. The key aim of our time together is to have a lot of fun and enjoy being outdoors, whilst leaving inspired to take our adventure photography to the next level.

I am super stoked about this new winter workshop! What a dream destination! Come join me exploring the breathtaking and iconic landscapes of Iceland in March 2023!

On this workshop, I will help you to:

  • Create more meaningful compositions

  • Tell a story with your photos

  • Train your eye on incredible shots and convey the energy of the outdoors

  • Choosing the right lens. From wide-angle vistas to landscape abstracts with a telephoto lens.

  • Add more depth of field using foreground

  • Understand camera settings, but keeping it simple

  • Nail your long exposure photography

  • Place people to add scale in photos

  • Make your photos ‘pop’ more in post-production

  • Be creative with your drone (if you bring one)

  • Shoot and edit with Instagram in mind

  • Capture aurora borealis and astro photography

Photos from the workshop