It’s time to challenge yourself and take your travel, adventure and landscape photography to the next level in 2020. This workshop is going to challenge your comfort zone and your photographic mindset, so you can start creating your own voice in photography.
This is your ticket to come with me on one of my adventure photography trips.


The Faroe Islands adventure workshop is a 7 day / 6 nights photography workshop on the Faroe Islands in early August. It is limited to 5 participants, as I want to keep things adventurous, flexible and personal. We will be hiking to wild places and visit many stunning locations. My adventure trips usually involves some long days, so expect both late night sunset shoots and some camping to be a part of this workshop. A reasonable level of fitness will be required as access to some of the possible locations will require walking for hours, often uphill and even after dusk. You will also need to be prepared for a variety of weather conditions as the Faroe Islands are notorious for it’s ever changing conditions. I will of course plan our trip to ensure we get some rest during the daytime, but we will prioritize photographic opportunities. I want you to come away with as many bangers as possible!



The Faroe Islands is still a relatively unfrequented photography location, and on this trip I will share with you my favourite hiking and shooting locations. The landscape here is utterly unique and offers landscapes and views that you simply can’t witness anywhere else on earth. In August, the sunset, twilight and sunrise merge into each other lasting for hours, and all the elements are in place for a truly unforgettable experience and some amazing photography.

We will make our way through some pretty mind blowing scenery with spectacular waterfalls that pour off cliffs into the Atlantic ocean, beautiful ancient villages, dramatic sea stacks, lush green valleys, scenic fjords and endless mountain vistas - all set in the ever changing light and weather conditions.

Possible locations on this workshop:

  • Drangarnir / Tindhólmur
  • Mykines
  • Trælanípan / Leitisvatn Lake
  • Gásadalur / Múlafossur waterfall
  • Kalsoy
  • Villingardalsfjall / Viðareiði
  • Klakkur
  • Gjógv
  • Hvíthamar
  • Saksun
  • Fossá waterfall


Each day we will be going to different locations, and in the process I will motivate your personal development and inspire and challenge your photographic approach. Together we will explore themes like consistency, preparation, developing positive habits, understanding light, living without fear, choosing the right gear, editing and other meaningful topics related to photography. Everyone can attend, and I guarantee that you will benefit highly from my workshop, no matter your entry skill level. I will be working intensively to make sure you leave the workshop ready to set your world on fire!



On this workshop, I will help you to:

  • Create more meaningful compositions
  • Tell a story with your photos
  • Train your eye on incredible shots and convey the energy of the outdoors
  • Understand focal point and framing
  • Create more depth of field
  • Understand camera settings, but keeping it simple
  • Create stronger photos using foreground
  • Place people to add scale in photos
  • Make your photos 'pop' more in post production
  • Execute your ideas with power

The workshop is structured to maximise your opportunities to get great images whilst improving your skills as a photographer. I will use all my experience and knowledge to get you to some of the Faroe Island’s most breathtaking locations in the best possible light, and I will be on hand to provide as much support, advice and guidance as you want. Accommodation and transportation to all shoots is provided. This workshop is also a fantastic opportunity to make some unique photographic friendships. 

Leading up to the workshop, I will share my clothing packing lists, break down my go-to camera gear and give you a comprehensive look into the necessities that I bring on all my adventure travels. During the workshop I will share my experiences and give loads of tips to help you start finding your style in photography. The key aim of our time together is to have a lot of fun and enjoy being outdoors, whilst leaving inspired to take our adventure photography to the next level.

I am really excited about this workshop! Come join me exploring the iconic landscape on the Faroe Islands in August 2020!

Want to sign up to this workshop? Shoot me an email: info@christianals.com


About me:

With a background in photojournalism, I now divide my time between a range of photographic assignments, documentary film work and solo exploration around the world. For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to the outdoors, adventures and landscapes. I am particular known for chasing authentic moments, climbing big mountains and constantly looking for the next adventure. With 15 years of working as a professional photographer I bring with me not just enormous experience, but also a creativity and drive that just gets stronger with time. I am always inspired by visiting new places and new cultures, and I find incredible happiness in being out in the natural world. I have teached a lot of photography during the years, and now I feel it’s time to do some awesome workshops and give back some of my knowledge. I will share everything I've learned about making work that resonates with people, while sharing my passion for the true adventure.

Below you can see a selection of my work from the Faroe Islands. (click to enlarge + see the location)

And here you can see more of my adventure photography.