Discovery of cancer in anyone we love is a terrifying prospect, but we probably least expect it in our children. Three families at very different stages of this journey share their experiences of this life-changing ordeal.

"We were almost hit by the train but I managed to pull her back." 13-year-old Julie Farum Kristiansen was diagnosed with lymphoma in the spring of 2012. After a tough fight with two rounds of chemotherapy, she was declared fit, four months later. Her mother Lisa feels that these months changed their relationship for the better. 2-year-old Alexander from Grenaa has had a severe brain tumor since he was five and a half months old, his parents have so far helped him through 30 radiation treatments. Michael M. Jørgensen talks about the period five years ago when his heart was shattered into a thousand pieces, when his seven-year-old daughter Vibe died of a brain tumor.

Since the making of the film, Alexander's condition worsened over Christmas.
Alexander died from cancer on Monday 6 January 2014.

Client: Knæk Cancer / TV2

Producer | Director: Christian Als
Cinematographer: Christian Als
Editor: Christian Als
Score: The Echelon Effect, Hammock and Goldmund
Stills: Thomas Lekfeldt