NOW I AM A REFUGEE Now online!


I am so excited to finally premiere the final edit of NOW I AM A REFUGEE. In addition to further filming in Holland in the fall, we have been busy editing a version that strives to have a timeless, poetic feeling, and at the same time put our subject, Mazen Farouk, at the very centre of the film. I sincerely hope that you will engage with him, and find the film both meaningful, cinematic and bring a new perspective to the European refugee crisis. This film is truly a passion project for Kristoffer and I, so please share and help us get this baby out to as many people as possible.

Back from Holland



We wanted to do a follow up on Mazen Farouk’s life now that he has finally arrived at his final destination: Holland. So we spent a few days with Mazen in Doetinchem, where he is waiting for his case to be processed in order to get a temporary permit to stay in Holland. The plan is to edit these now recordings into the full version of NOW I AM A REFUGEE, to be released end of the year. Stay tuned!

New commercial for BT


I was commissioned by Pegasus Production to be the director of a new commercial for the Danish daily BT. Shot on various locations in Copenhagen in two days. Lots of fun, great talent and a happy client.

Back From Mongolia



My filming partner Kristoffer Juel and I just spent ten days in Mongolia, where we are working on a longer format documentary. The story is still developing, so can’t say much about the film, at this point. But we are exited, and will announce more about this whenever we can.



Full film will be released end of 2015.

Back from Lesbos



Europe is facing the worst refugee crisis since World War II. My film partner Kristoffer Juel and I travelled to Lesbos, Greece to document the situation in a personal way. Our film profiles one Syrian refugee, Mazen Farouk from Damascus. He arrived to Lesbos in an overcrowded rubber boat. We are now working on the web documentary – ‘NOW I AM A REFUGEE’ will launch end of the year!

New personal film / FS7


A real everyday adventure. Deep in the forest right after a summer’s sudden rainfall. My 4-year-old daughter and me rediscovering a familiar place. We often do that.

New profile film for Dansk Skoleidræt


Under the overall heading of “Healthy children moves the school” (Sunde Børn Bevæger Skolen) Danish School Sport and TrygFonden works together on a variety of projects, all of which aims to get more children and young people to move more and establish a healthy lifestyle early in life. I was commissioned to produce a profile film about the project.

The Danish Royal Theatre – Repertoire 15/16



This year I once again shot all the photographs in The Danish Royal Theatre’s season book, which can be seen and downloaded in full here.

New short film for TrygFonden


TrygFonden Visiting Dogs is a corps of volunteer dog owners and their dogs who visit challenged and vulnerable people in institutions in Denmark. Jutta has dementia and every Wednesday morning gets a special visit by the dog Marcel. I was commisioned to catch the star moment in a short film.

One more short film for TrygFonden


TrygFonden has sponsored a house at the University Hospital in Aarhus, Denmark that is dedicated to families with children who are under prolonged illness. I was commisioned to shoot a short film about the house.

New film for TrygFonden


TrygFonden needed a film to show the entire chain of survival when someone suffers a heart attack, and I was commisioned to shoot a short film about it.



I was commisioned to shoot a short film for Greve Kommune communicating their project about inclusion in the Danish public school system.




The GEO Special on Denmark just arrived with my Christiania feature over 6 double pages inside.

Campaign for Center Against Trafficking



I was commissioned by Socialstyrelsen to shoot the outdoor traveling exhibition part of their new campaign for Center Mod Menneskehandel (Center Against Trafficking). The exhibition called “Det du ikke ser” (What You Don’t See), will be traveling to 8 major cities in Denmark during 2014/2015.

Award in PDN Photo Annual 2014



Happy to announce that my film “The Fight” is a winner in this years PDN Photo Annual.

The Danish Royal Theatre – Repertoire 14/15



I have shot all the photographs in The Danish Royal Theatre’s season book, which can be seen in full here.

Honorable Mention in Danish Picture of the Year



My short film ‘The Violin Maker‘ received an honorable mention in the Danish Picture of the Year, ‘Best Multimedia 2013/2014’.

Profile film for The Egmont Foundation


I was commisioned to shoot a short documentary style profile film for The Egmont Foundation – a foundation who supports children and young people with a special focus on the most vulnerable among them.

Visual identity for Egmont Fonden



I have contributed to the new visual identity of The Egmont Foundation. All photographs and two new profile short films.

New Work in Progress in My Hometown



A contemporary misty look at Copenhagen… More work will be added soon after foggy days…

Nominated in Danish Picture of the Year!



I am pleased to announce that I am nominated in the Danish Picture of the Year (Årets Pressefoto). Which of my entered work that will be awarded will not be published until the award show on 14 March 2014.

One more short film for Lær For Livet


This fall I was once again commisioned by Lær for Livet, a division of Egmont Fonden, to produce a profile learning film about their work with placed children. The film was shot during the second Learning Camp, held this fall.

New short documentary about children and cancer


I was commisioned by TV2 to produce three short films about children and cancer for the yearly campaign called “Knæk Cancer”. The trilogy has now been put together as one short documentary – THE FIGHT (KAMPEN).

Discovery of cancer in anyone we love is a terrifying prospect, but we probably least expect it in our children. Three families at very different stages of this journey share their experiences of this life-changing ordeal.

My Iranian Family



Been working on a series of portraits of my Iranian family living in Iran. This image is of my wife’s father and his beloved motorcycle on a hill next to his home in Teheran. More to come online in the near future.

New short films for Lær for Livet


I was commisioned by Lær for Livet, a division of Egmont Fonden, to produce two profile films about their work with placed children. The films are both shot during the first Learning Camp, held this summer.

Personal Projects exhibition, Great Succes



With more than 16.000 visitors this year, the PERSONAL PROJECTS exhibition in Øksnehallen has been the most visited of all in the 5 year history. Thank you to everyone who saw our work, and looking forward to welcoming you again in 2014!

Back from Kachin State



Just came back from a trip to Kachin State in Myanmar, where an armed conflict has displaced more than 100.000 burmese citizens. I visited a large IDP camp near Myitkyina, the capital of Kachin. See Kachin State

Group Exhibition in Øksnehallen



I am once again taking part in the group exhibition 8 X PERSONAL PROJECTS in Øksnehallen in Copenhagen. The exhibition, which is part of Copenhagen Photo Festival, will run until July 28. I am showing my work RE:KIBERA, and large format prints are for sale.

Press release:


Eight leading Danish photographers are exhibiting their take on modern documentary photography, when they relaunch the group-exhibition Personal Projects on June 14th 2013, in Øksnehallen.

The stories cover war, religion, sex, nature and hope – while having one thing in common: the photographers longterm commitments to their individual projects.

You get to travel with Mads Nissen on his intimate and intense journey through the Amazonas, where the stakes are high. The Amazonas is fighting to keep its cultural heritage from eroding, while modernity is rumbling at the gates of what was once unknown territory.
In another jungle, in northern Burma, David Høgsholt shows us the human costs of a civil war, which has long been ignored, while the world has rejoiced at the news of reforms and progress in the former military dictatorship.
Christian Als depicts, without any notion of sentimentality, the daily life and the lack of resources in the biggest slum on the African continent: Kibera, in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, while Christian Vium follows in the footsteps of young west-african immigrants, who risk everything on their long and dangerous journeys to Europe.
In Denmark, Peter Helles Eriksen has photographed, the ‘average Dane.’ His project ‘Normal’ is a journey into the statistical labyrinth of Danish everyday life, while Sofie Amalie Klougart has dwelled into the sexual and cultural phenomenon of ‘swinger-clubs.’
Miriam Dalsgaard shows, through the rapid perishableness of flowers, how we as humans also age and perish. For us, it goes unnoticed on a daily basis – but for the flowers it seems to be a matter of days. And Jeppe Bøje Nielsen has gone looking for the human relation to power, death, hope and fear amongst the pilgrims of the French city of Lourdes.

And this is precisely what documentary photography is able to do: it helps you get closer. The inner lives of others are revealed, while the global fabric that binds us together is exposed.

Reworking ‘The Shadow City’ for group Exhibition



The last few months I have been going through all my work from various trips to Kibera in Kenya. It’s a first for me to go back into my previous work and look at the body of work with whole new eyes. It will be titled RE:KIBERA and be exhibited as part of Personal Projects in Øksnehallen this summer.

New short film for Nordea Invest magazine


I was commisioned by Nordea Invest to produce three short films and images for a feature in their new magazine. Enjoy “The Violin Maker”!

Multimedia award in Danish Picture of the Year!



Together with four of my former colleagues at Berlingske, I was awarded a 2. Prize for ’1in5millions’ – a string of short films from Denmark that aims to tell ordinary people’s stories and hit on a feeling. Asger Ladefoged, Niels Ahlmann Olesen, Linda Kastrup, Mads Nissen and I have all produced a series of film for the project.

Nominated in Danish Picture of the Year!


Maya Albana

This year I am again nominated in the Danish Picture of the Year (Årets Pressefoto). It’s still unclear which of my work will be awarded, since the final result will not be published until March 1st.

New corporate short film


I was commisioned by Novo Nordisk Fonden to produce a film about their conference series called COPENHAGEN BIOSCIENCE CONFERENCES. The conferences will be held twice yearly and aims to bring together scientists and students alike in the areas of biomedicine and biotechnology for three days in Copenhagen.

South Sudan work on Informations Fotobloggen


People collect water from various wells dug by refugees in Jammam camp. With waiting times at official camp water stations of up to six hours, camp dwellers have started to dig for new water sources.

See the online gallery here

New Publication: Eurowoman



This fall I have been working on a large reportage from The Royal Theater in Copenhagen for a Eurowoman special issue. See the tearsheets in that section.

Teaching at The Danish School of Journalism


During september and october I teached reportage for the third grade students at the Danish School of Media and Journalism.

South Sudan exhibitions tour Denmark



My collaboration with the Danish Refugee Council has now led to a series of exhibitions around Denmark. My work from South Sudan will be on display in the following cities leading up to the ‘Landsindsamling’ on Sunday 11 November: Aalborg, Aarhus, Kolding, Odense, Næstved, Gladsaxe and Helsingør.

Maghreb Malaise video mashup for Zetland Live


My projects about youth unemployment in Algeria and Spain as it was shown at Zetland Live #3 at The National Gallery of Denmark on Friday 14. september 2012.

Testing the Nikon D800


Testing my brand new Nikon D800 and a few lenses during my daughters bedtime routines…:-)

New short films online



Three new short films are now online. The films were produced for Berlingske’s ’1in5millions’ – a series of stories that aims to tell ordinary people’s stories and hit on a feeling. Start out with Havemanden (The Gardener), Direktøren (The Director) or Truckeren (The Trucker).

These films are without English subtitles.

New formats on Mont Ventoux



Been working on the legendary Tour de France cycling stage on Mont Ventoux in early July. The stage is on next years Tour, which is marking the 100th anniversary. I worked primarily on my Pentax 67, and it was fun to try some landscapy stuff. The final result will be up when scanned and ready to launch.

Now Showing: Maghreb Malaise exhibition in Øksnehallen



I am taking part in the group exhibition 10X PERSONAL PROJECTS in Øksnehallen in Copenhagen. The exhibition will run until June 24. I am showing my work Maghreb Malaise, and prints are for sale.

Back from South Sudan


In the early morning a dog watches over a child sleeping on a blanket in Doro refugee camp. With so many people arriving at the camp the newly arrived don't get immediate access to tents or even tarpaulins. As a result they sleep in the open.

I traveled to the remote refugee camps of South Sudan for the Danish Refugee Council in May. See South Sudan.

Exhibition in Øksnehallen



I am taking part in the group exhibition 10X PERSONAL PROJECTS in Øksnehallen in Copenhagen. The exhibition is part of COPENHAGEN PHOTO FESTIVAL and will run from June 8 to June 24. I will be showing my work Maghreb Malaise. We look forward to welcome you in Øksnehallen in June!

Outdoor group exhibition


Byens Hegn

During Copenhagen Photo Festival and well beyond there will be photos in public spaces in my city. With a bunch of other documentary photographers I’m exhibiting images on Kongens Nytorv in central Copenhagen. The exhibition is free and will hang until August 1st.

New publication: TIME Magazine



I have just been on assignment for TIME Magazine in Madrid, Spain, covering youth unemployment during the General strike on March 29. I was fortunate to meet the great Alex Rodriguez Toscano, who is unemployed, living with his parents and hanging out with his (unemployed) friends in the streets of Madrid at night. See The Lost Generation.

A day in my life


The young Danish videographer Theis Bothmann followed me on an ordinary day of assignments, and edited this great short film, that is being showed along the Danish PoY exhibitions around the country. The female photographer in the piece is Sara Galbiati.

‘Exposed’ wins ‘Documentary of the Year’ in Danish PoY


Ama Dablam 2010

My adventure film ‘Exposed – Ama Dablam‘ won ‘Documentary of the Year’ at the annual Danish Picture of the Year contest. The three judges urged that the film is visually ambitious, it is well edited and the material is well organized. They were also impressed by the fact that it was filmed and produced by a single person, but looks like something that usually requires a large production team.

‘VOICE’ is now online on MediaStorm



Voice is the final result of the Multimedia Storytelling Workshop in New York City, I attended in November. It was pure fun and hard work to produce alongside MediaStorm staff in order to create an intimate, character-driven documentary in just one week. Watch it and see for yourself if we succeeded!

‘Exposed’ wins top Prize in D.A.F.F. Awards!


Ama Dablam 2010

‘Exposed’, my film about our expedition to Ama Dablam wins ‘Danish Film of the Year’ in Danish Adventure Film Festival! This is my first film and my very first film festival, couldn’t be more happy! The film will be online and with English subtitles soon!

Trailer for ‘Exposed’ now online


New Publication: Maghreb Malaise in FOTO8



Prix Pictet exhibition in Paris


Prix Pictet

A selection of works from the ‘Growth’ portfolio of each shortlisted artist is now showing in Paris at the Passage de Retz gallery. Kofi Annan and a few curators are looking at my work “Kibera – The Shadow City”. See more photos from the event here.

Judge in China International Press Photo


I am very honored to be a jury member in this years CHIPP (China International Press Photo) contest. The judging will take place in Shanghai from March 21-24 2010. Looking forward to lots of great images and a fruitful experience.

NATO Secretary Generals first visit in the Arab world


Anders Fogh Rasmussen

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen paid his first official visit to the Middle East when he visited Jordan and Bahrain on 7 and 8 March. I followed the former Danish Prime Minister on his rapid journey.

POYi Award!


A boy is looking for his toys in what is left of the family house, where the walls are full of gunshots.

I won Second Place in the 67th Pictures Of the Year International (POYi) – Newspaper News Picture Story for Gaza Devastated, my coverage of the Israeli-Hamas war last year.

New story: Haiti Earthquake


Haiti Earthquake

At 16:53 on January 12 2010, the poor Caribbean nation of Haiti was struck by a devastating earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale. See a selection of my work here.



A young girl in the Az Seyafa area north of Beit Lahiya in Gaza City.

This year I was again awarded an Honorable Mention in UNICEF Photo of the Year 2009 for my feature Gaza Devastated from the war torn Gaza Strip trip in January.